Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of massage services: 

Basic Prices- $70/hr, $95/90min, $120/2hr

  • Swedish Massage                                       

  • Deep Tissue Massage                                 

  • Sports Massage/Stretching

  • Hot Stone Therapy                                        +$20

  • Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage

  • Heat->Cold  Sinus and Face Treatment      +$15

Ever wonder about the healing effects of CBD's?

Add a CBD Enhancement to any massage!

Discounts Available!

  • New Client? Our Introductory Rate discount takes $20 off the total of your massage service!

  • Have some friends that want a massage too? Take $10 off your appointment for every person you refer. Up to 100% off!!

  • -Coming Soon- Package your massages! Pay less the more you buy!

  • -Now Available- Check Groupon for amazing deals for first-time clients!

  • Know you'll be returning? Book again before you leave your appointment and get $10 off your next one!

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